I can’t recall feeling this alone before.

From time to time I just sit and think about you, because from time to time I miss every little thing about you. Every little thing, and that’s when I feel the closest to you, even though you’re not close at all. Maybe thats foolish, and I know it’s useless, perhaps some would even say stupid. But at the moment that’s all there is, and that’s okay. Shoot I miss you so much. Maybe at some point, it’ll be like that again and wouldn’t that be nice? Yeah, it would.

"Mr. Tumnus: “Don’t worry. We’ll see him again.”
Lucy: “When?”
Mr. Tumnus: “In time. One day he’ll be here and the next he won’t. But you must not press him. After all, he’s not a tame lion.”
Lucy: “No… but he is good.”"

"I just washed a blanket that had at least 10oz of “her” on it. Squish."


I’m a fucking pro. Shut up.

I can’t help but wonder…how long you knew before I told you that I did?

I think it would be better if we could just skip the holidays all together. This really isn’t fun anymore.

Church twice a year. Might be too much.

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Lucky me

Lucky me

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Just saw this on bikereg

So I was scoping this race out on the ‘reg, and saw this below the category/time thing:

Gearing 39x23 is all you would need. Most racers will only use 39 x 19”

What In the fuck time period was this written in? hahah

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New Found Glory-Tip of the Iceberg-Tip of the Iceberg.